Pinched Nerve

Think you have a pinched nerve? Don’t wait. Come see your Wausau chiropractor for help before it gets worse.

Disc Pain

Disc pain can wreak havoc if not treated properly. At Spine Aid Centers, we have years of experience treating disc pain.

Back Pain

back-pain-picDo you have back pain in your lower, middle, or upper back? Consider this:

Whether from old age, injury or accident, or the general wear that we put on our spines, pain and discomfort is not forever.

Pain and Discomfort…

Do something about this pain and discomfort you feel! Don’t just numb the pain! Don’t just deaden your ability to feel! You will be in the clutches of new pain and side effects if you choose drugs or injections. Choose a less invasive option!

Before it gets worse, check out chiropractic care.

The number one symptom chiropractic addresses is back pain.   (In case you are wondering what number two is, it is headaches.)

You don’t have to continue to live in pain!

Choose US! Neck pain and back pain are no match for you!


Chiropractic has never been better at Spinal Aid Centers. We offer the best, most comprehensive care in Wausau and Eau Claire.


Sciatica can be treated in a number of ways, from spinal decompression to massage therapy.


If you have headaches on a routine basis, let our Chiropractors help you.

Auto Accidents

55% of auto accidents result in an injury each year. Pain from car crashes can become worse over time.