About Us

The Spinal Aid Centers of Wausau & Eau Claire make the promise every day to serve patients with a smile. Patients can relax in our office and feel safe. We want our patients to feel that their spinal health and their time are being well catered to. Dr. Justin Scharer DC and Dr. Randy Joten DC care about their patients. Each patient who steps through the door of the office is greeted with joy and made to feel welcome and cared for. It matters to Dr. Justin Scharer that every man, woman and child feels secure. It is our intent to send patients home out of pain and with better spinal health. We provide the spinal aid program and NDS Method Wisconsin patients are looking for.

Patients coming to the office for the first time will be greeted by a staff that makes them feel at ease right away. This is our promise. No patient is made to feel nervous or left to be confused about his or her treatment plan. All treatments are safe and offered by the skilled Dr. Justin Scharer. We are also proud to offer state-of-the-art, modern technology and the latest in proper care programs.

Meet the Spinal Aid Staff

Dr. Justin Scharer, DC – Wausau

Justin Scharer DC Spinal AidWe work with each of our honored guests to ensure they have the best home care training. And we want patients to feel relaxed while at our office. You’ll find our staff to be pleasant, always charged and full of cheer. We are all eager to share our knowledge with you. We will help you get the most from every visit. Your treatment plan will be catered to your unique needs.

Dr. Justin Scharer has been practicing since 2004. He is a 3rd generation chiropractor; both his father and grandfather practiced also. Dr. Scharer is highly skilled in Non-Surgical NDS Method and treating very serious low back and neck ailments.




Dr. Randy Joten D.C. – Eau Claire

Dr. JotenDr. Randy Joten is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic.  He has experience helping people with severe neck and back conditions.  He is passionate about giving people the tools to live healthier, more pain-free lives.  In striving to help more people, he addresses neuropathy pain issues and weight loss issues that seem to be affecting more and more people everyday.