A few our our

Happy Patients

Gary B.

Dorechester, WI

“When Dr. Justin Scharer said he could help, he was right. I am very happy with my results. My neck and back feel better now than it has in the last 10 years. Very good people to work with, very friendly no waiting, appointments on time, you’re not just a number. I highly recommend Spinal Aid before surgery.”

Christine K.

Tomahawk, WI

“Spinal Aid is the best decision I ever made! I saw their ad on television and figured this was my last result to try and get better. After 3 years of suffering extreme pain in both my feet and ankles (due to a car accident), I also had to use a cane for balance and to keep pressure off the bottom of my feet and ankles. The 3 doctors I went to before Spinal Aid did absolutely nothing for me. One gave me a boot to wear, the second said there was nothing he could do and that I would just have to live with the pain. Well, Spinal Aid proved them wrong. Dr. Justin Scharer and the girls gave me the best care and with the treatments I received I am now pain free and no longer use a cane, and am back doing my favorite thing, dancing. Thank You Spinal Aid!!”

Audrey M.

Wausau, WI

“Having just completed a series of treatments for my lower back and sciatica problems, (which I’ve had for years), I can recommend the success of these treatments to anyone who may have ongoing pain and discomfort. It is extraordinary how well I feel and am able to be more active than before. Dr. Scharer and his staff are so adept and knowledgeable; it makes the treatments very smooth and seamless. If nothing else has worked for you, please try this program, you will be so glad that you did. The laser treatments are terrific too.”

Gail T.

Wausau, WI

“I heard about Spinal Aid Centers on TV before I was experiencing any back pain. I always thought I would contact them if I ever needed treatment for back pain. In November 2013, my back started giving me trouble. I could not walk and getting out of bed was almost impossible. After seeing my doctor and my chiropractor with no relief, I called Dr. Scharer. Thank God I did. After my first treatment I felt relief. My treatments are now complete and I am moving around living my life normally. I cannot thank Dr. Scharer and his fantastic staff enough. Everyone in the office is wonderful.”

Allen B.

Unity, WI

“I have had Neuropathy for 20 years. These treatments have greatly improved my balance. I am glad I found a place that helped me.”

Scott H.

Aniwa, WI

“When I came to SpinalAid, I could not walk and I was in an extreme amount of pain. After just 3 treatments I no longer needed the wheelchair. Every treatment I saw improvement. Soon I was walking with no pain and back to work. I’m so glad I came to Dr. Justin Scharer. The improvement I saw in a short period of time is nothing short of a miracle.”

Fred P.

Eagle River, WI

“I was satisfied with the treatments I had at Spinal Aid, and showed great improvement in my feeling in my feet. My peripheral neuropathy was reduced by at least 90%.”

Lynn G.

Granton, WI

“After years of care by a chiropractor for my neck pain, pain/numbness between my shoulder blades, I felt it was time to try to find a more permanent solution. With my insurance change – now was the time. I was pleased with my decision after noticing improvement after just a few weeks. Now that I have completed the 5 week program, I am on maintenance, but can honestly say I don’t notice pain or numbness at all anymore, even at night. I used to be bothered, tossing and turning, trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in. One that would not cause numbness down my arms or headaches. Thank you Dr. Scharer and staff. You truly are a God send!”